The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everything from grocery shopping to eating out and packing for our long-awaited destination.  Trips have been cancelled, resorts closed, and cruise ships docked in the harbors.  After the initial disappointment of missing your getaway wears off, next comes those thoughts- Will I get my money back?  Can my trip credits be saved for future plans?  How will I ever get my flight refunded?  Where do I even start?! 

While online giants like Expedia are being blasted with traffic and chaotic times, this is when you are so glad you have World Travel & Cruises- your local travel agent who is here, still in the office, answering your phone call, and working to help get you through the stressful cancellation and refund process.

And unlike many of those struggling .com corporations, we will be here when it is safe to travel again.  We are currently booking future travel plans and offering several great deals.

We hope all of you, our dear clients, are safe- stay healthy and stay positive.

When travel plans are ready to be made, we will be here, ready to help create new memories.